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Imagine essences that stimulate the senses, energetic, relaxing fragrances, full of passion and harmony. Now think about your laundry, freshly cleaned. Combine them and fill your home with a sweet and delicate aroma with the Le Essenze di Elda laundry perfumers.


Essence: Diamond
Fragrance: floral, dried and fresh
Bottle: 10ml / 100ml / 500ml


With their floral, dry and fresh fragrance, our perfumers are easy to use in the washing machine. Just pour a dose into the softener tray to have scented garments for days. Every time you open your wardrobe, the delicate aroma of our Perla will waft around you, leaving you feeling fresh and clean

Essenza Diamante - Perfumer for laundry

PriceFrom CHF10.00
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