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Ragazza profumati fiori

The passion for fragrances

Many scented fragrances for your laundry to choose from, Preziosi, Floral or Aromatherapy line.

There is also the Mio Bambino line dedicated to the little ones.

Why not try them all for a laundry with an always different and welcoming scent.

Not only that, Le Essenze di Elda also offers the  Deo Spray to perfume and sanitize your home that you can further make comfortable with diffusers or scented candles. The choice is yours.

For your Laundry

Easy to use in the washing machine, simply pour a dose of ESSENCE into the softener compartment and the laundry will smell  amazing even when, dry and ironed, you put it back in the closet.

Laundry Room
Modern Living Room

For your home

DEO Sprays formulated to perfume and sanitize your fabrics. Products designed to clean all surfaces in the home in an effective and eco-sustainable way ... and much more.

Essences and diffusers

Essences with enveloping fragrances that will transport you to places full of magic, flavored candles, water-soluble oils.  Our essences will envelop you in a feeling of well-being.


Oli e candele
Essenze di Elda_edited.png

Gift Ideas

With the Essenze di Elda you know that your gift will always be appreciated.  

Choose from the many essences for the laundry, i speakers for room or choose from the many other products available.  

And if you really can't choose, why do not go for a Gift Card!


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