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ESSENZA CHRISTMAS - Limited Edition is a laundry fragrance created by Le Essenze di Elda. Suitable for use in the washing machine.

Essence: Christmas

Fragrance: Coconut, white flowers, frangipani, vanilla

Bottle of: 500ml

The ESSENZA CHRISTMAS Laundry Fragrance - Limited Edition by Le Essenze di Elda is perfect for those who want to add a touch of freshness and fragrance to their laundry. Thanks to its fragrance of coconut, white flowers, frangipani and vanilla, your laundry will smell like a cloud of LUNA essence every time you open your wardrobe. The 500ml bottle is easy to use in the washing machine: just pour a dose into the softener tray and the laundry will smell even when, dry and ironed, you put it back in the wardrobe.

Essenza Christmas - Laundry fragrance 500 ml

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